Foreign Students in Canada

Students from Abroad gives Canadian Markets a Boost

International education is big. So big, it is one of our strongest exports and it all takes place right here on our shores. This trend in International trade is spawning new real estate investment opportunities and additional related services business opportunities.

In 2008, reports showed international students spent more than 6.5 billion dollars on tuition, accommodation and personal spending which generated and estimated 83,000 job and 291 million dollars in tax revenue for the government. Another more recent study by the same authors, Roslyn Kunin & Associates, Inc. of Vancouver, spent $7.7 billion in 2010 to generate 70,000 jobs, and this time government tax revenue from this spending rose to $441 million.

R-07-11 Chinese Exchange Students Reception

Chinese Students

Clearly, foreign student education in Canada is a key industry for Canada and it’s a market that will continue to grow. There are hurdles of course. New mortgage rules set out by the Canadian government are suppressing the building of new accommodation in major centres such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Without accommodation, foreign students will face challenges in affording their dream of a Western education.


While foreign students do seek to attend major universities in Montreal and Toronto and other Canadian cities, the programs may not offer what these students need immediately. Many require English as a second language training before being able to attend University or college classes. Many students as well want or require more specific and specialized training including achieving trade and professional certifications.

Economic and population growth in the BRIC countries is still strong and will pick up as the global economy rebounds. People in these countries have similar aspirations as we do and they know that a western education may provide the fastest and surest route to financial success.

The growing population of educable people wanting to study in Vancouver will rise quickly (there was a rise of 40,000 from 2008 to 2010), ensuring a solid demand for student housing accommodation. To meet that need for student housing in Vancouver, a new development named the “Global Education City” is being developed. You can see the architectural renderings here of the development complex which is to include accommodation, retail space, education facilities and a hotel.

A certain number of these incoming students are from well to do families therefore financing their Canadian education won’t be the challenge it is for some. Students arrive from a large number of countries, with China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and India being the most predominant. It’s not a far reach to say new students will be arriving from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Columbia and other South American countries.

The global market for western education is strong and in particular for a city such as Vancouver. Foreign visitors love the lifestyle, safety, and weather that makes studying here a worthwhile investment.

Find out more about Vancouver’s Global Education City, designed for the highest quality Western education training.

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